Packing & Shipping Tips

Beanies and Plush Toys


  • If you have 150 beanies or less please pack them in ONE BOX.

  • If you have more please pack them so your boxes are 40-70 pounds each. (That would be about 150-250 beanies per box.) DO NOT EXCEED 70 POUNDS PER BOX, because UPS adds a surcharge. This will slow your payment down since we will have to wait for the UPS bill to find out how much to deduct from your check for the surcharge.

  • If you have a mix of beanies and buddies, it works well to fill each box most of the way with beanies and top it off with some buddies. This makes it easy to stay between 40 & 70 pounds. If you have just buddies, 50 per box is about perfect. More would require an awfully big box.

  • Unless they are authenticated, please do not send your beanies in plastic display boxes. The cost of shipping is more than the value of the box.

  • If your beanies are in quart or gallon zip lock bags, you may wish to recycle your bags. We get so many here, we can’t use them all and we feel bad throwing so many out.

  • A good size box for 150-200 beanies is 17 x 17 x 17 or 18 x 18 x 18. These are readily available at places like Office Depot, Lowes, U-Haul, Home Depot, ...

  • 30 dozen egg boxes or some lettuce boxes from the grocery store tend to be a great size for this.

  • For the mathematically inclined, figure 32 cubic inches per beanie will allow you to dump them in the box. You can get about 15% more in if you pack them neatly.

  • Many times boxes arrive with a side split open. It's a great idea to line your box with a large plain garbage bag to prevent loss or damage. Please do not use the fancy "odor control" type garbage bags as they have a smell of their own.

  • Disney mini bean bags are a little larger than beanies, so you may not be able to get quite as many in a box.

  • Please remember to check your beanies. We do not pay for beanies with damaged or bent tags, household, pet or smoke odor or graduation owls.

Less than 100 mint beanies does not qualify for free shipping.


When we are paying the shipping, we ask that you use our guidelines to help control shipping costs. We understand that it may be inconvenient for you to get larger boxes. If you wish to have extra labels, just let us know and we will be happy to send them out and deduct the excess shipping charges.


Barbies and other Boxed Dolls


  • Condition of the box is a very important factor in the value of a Barbie or other doll that has never been removed from its original box.

  • Transport them in containers rather than garbage bags. This will minimize nicks and damage to the cardboard and plastic on the boxes.


Lladro, Hummels, Precious Moments and other Figurines


  • Ideally, pack them in their original boxes with original packaging.

  • Wrap them to keep them from bumping one another and breaking or chipping.

  • If using bubble wrap, wrap it with the smooth side in so it doesn't catch on part of your piece.

  • Tissue, towels or newspaper can be used too, but be careful with newspaper since the ink can rub off.

  • Do not allow wrapping to touch delicate parts such as flowers on some Lladro pieces.

  • When shipping very fragile items, package them carefully in a box and then put the box in a larger box. Cushion between the boxes with packing peanuts or crumpled newspaper. Pack it gently full rather than stuffed full as it will absorb shock better that way.


Pictures of some of the items we have bought.


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